Monday, July 5, 2010

hostel pleaseeee!

honestly, i've nothing to do.
cuti masih berbaki 3hari.
frankly speak, bitttttt bored.
so, update blog je la utk isi masa lapang.
em.. nothing much to say actually.
tadi ptg blik beranang, usha myrent house.
rmh cantikk. siap ada pagar smua.
safe la jgk. near from college gate.
i thought everything finee.
not bad, totally awesome.
but the problem is... me! huh.
i prefer stay at college hostel.
hope for it so freaking badly.
smua orng mcm bestt nk jdi outsider.
but not me. not for ANIS.
i love to be 'bdk hostel' or whatever they call it.
erghhhh.. hoping! ;((

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