Friday, July 2, 2010

baby reunion

its about the baby reunion. baby? baby la sbb 3orng je ada. hahahaha :P so sweet. finally.. after 6year plusplus tk jmpa, akhirnya our plan was fulfilled even 3orng je. that was, me, hajar and farhah. tk kisah la, klu ramai2 nanti tkde la nama baby reunion kan? lalala.

thats a lot of thing yg jadi topic prbualan from tadika until these 20zone. cehceh. bout 6years cam tu tk jmpa hajar and 8years dh tk jmpa farhah. wahwahwah. lme gila okay. im suprised, diorng dh tinggi. dulu aku je tinggi sorng2, skrg diorng dh sme tinggi dgn aku okayy. hahahaha :D and not forget it, aku asyik gelak je that day sbb tk sangka sgt bleh jmpa diorng ni.

habis smua mall kt shah alam ktorng round. starting from looking a books at PKNS. then, take a lunch at alam sentral food court. after that, kk home decor at SACC mall and anggerik mall.  and lastly turns to PKNS back for mcflurry and tasik shah alam. ngegngehngeh ;D awesome. btw babe, thanks for your very precious time. love it. lepas ni cik farhah bleh la jadi tourist guide in term of jd dentist. oh okayy, tkde kne mngena langsung. hee ;)

oh ya, farhah tu my taski abim-mate and schoolmate time primary school. and hajar plak my schoolmate from standard one until form2. tapi dgn hajar lg rapat la. since ktorng prgi skola agama pun sme2 kan. plus our mak2 pun dh kenal, cuma ingt tk ingt je la. no wonder. :)

p/s ; sumpah, aku dh lupa area2 shah alam ni. 6years tinggalkn shah alam kott. now, waiting for the next dinasour reunion plak. hahaha :D and today dh 2nd july, means dh ckup sthun tk jmpa orng tu. em..... miss YOU. ;((


hajarzaini said...

finally. thanks too coz sanggup trun dr s.J
yep, dah same tinggi. tu blum lg pkai heel..=p

anis.f said...
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anis.f said...

wslm. ur welcome. nk jmpa mber lme kan, sanggup je. haha ;D sgt tk fair, anis dh mcm 'kecik'. pendek plus gemokk. how sad. ;((