Tuesday, January 20, 2009

h u h

holiday. holiday. holiday. sounds great kan?! but for me, tkpun. why?! cause assignment yg teramat lahh byk tapi nk bwt cmne kan, dh nama pun student. so, accept je lahh. actually i really2 miss mypast time. dulu ada masa nak hangout dgn mber2 tersayang but now busy dgn assignment je. hurm, kalau nak hangout pun dgn mber2 kat matrix je lahh. huhuhu.

okayy, actually bukan tu sebenarnya yg aku nak story todayyy. straight to the point. i really crush dgn someone. he's quite nakal andd suka je nak usik aku. sikap dia yg poyo tu bwt aku fall in love dgn dia. seriously, i really2 enjoyy dgn dia. i always waiting for his msg and sometimes pergi toilet pun sanggup bawak phone sama. gyla kan?! when my phone ringing, the first person that im always think absolutely HIM. hahahaha look! he always make me half crazy. but byk bad story yg aku dengar pasal dia. ntah lahh. one dayy, aku nampak dia dgn one girl yg jugak mber aku. ohmygosh, mmg sedih gyla cause i really3 crush with him. sampai tk kisah dh dgn bad2 news tentang dia tapi tu lahh hakikat yg aku kena accept. his not mine and never being mine. huh.

now i want to start a new life without thinking of him. what are important now is myfuture.

p/s; trying to forget him! yeahh. FORGET HIM! ;((


jijol said...

haha,gi denga lagu crush-david archuleta..

anysmoxy said...

ap brg lagu crush.
da lapok weyh.
bg ahh lagu latest2.

anys said...

hakikatnye, dyowng mmg da cple. n bahagia pun skrg!